Innovalia Metrology’s booth enjoyed a large and continuous flow of visitors during the Control Fair in Stuttgart (Germany) 3rd-6th May. Innovalia Metrology showcased its latest metrology developments for sectors such as railways, aeronautics, automotive and the wind industry, and they were warmly received by manufacturers and attendees. Visitors were introduced to some of the most advanced metrology systems and solutions, such as Spark Gage, Vulkan Gage, M3 Server, M3 Tablet and Tetracheck.

Spark Gage provides high quality scanning at high speed for small to medium sized parts, with the reliability of optimised mechanics. It takes up limited space and is developed for casting parts, moulds, sheet metal parts of medium size, composites, plastics and flexible material parts. Vulkan Gage is the most versatile and reliable solution in industrial environments for medium to large sized parts and can even be transported within the plant. The horizontal arm structure provides for extremely efficient professional quality scanning of stamping parts, dies and large composite parts.

Innovalia Metrology also showed the benefits of M3, its own Multisensor Massive Measurement software, with M3 Server and M3 Tablet. M3 Server is a professional, high performance solution for massive management of digital parts and point clouds, and M3 Tablet is a highly professional and versatile virtual metrology work station for digitalised parts, which is easy to use, powerful and extremely flexible tool for high quality point cloud measurement and analysis.

Visitors were also introduced to Tetracheck CMM, the innovative system developed by Innovalia Metrology for rapid system-testing, specially designed for immediate checking of three-dimensional machine state and linear errors evolution to reduce maintenance costs. In addition, Tetracheck CMM systems facilitate the monitoring of a machine’s long-term behaviour and allow for incident assessment in the measurement environment.

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