Automation process inspection

Ensure and increase product quality.

Product inspection is a key process to guarantee quality. Datapixel offers a set of solutions based on 3D scanning technology to perform in-line inspection, using both standard inspection machines and engineering solutions tailored to customer needs. The ultimate goal of the MQS systems is the 100% inspection of production, detecting and reporting defects in parts produced.


  1. No defect in the production due to the 100% inspection
  2. High return on investment in a multifunction device
  3. Accuracy and speed
  4. High correlation with CMM
  5. immediate comparison with the CAD model
  6. immediate comparison with the original piece
  7. Virtual Metrology on 3D point clouds


Inspection Scanning Machines: Datapixel ISM is the most accurate and advanced technology solution that uses contactless measurement OptiScan with high precision of Cartesian robotics. As a result the machines more flexible and accurate automated inspection market are obtained by providing the services necessary for rapid inspection of parts in the factory.

Inspection automation engineering: Datapixel offers a wide range of scanning sensors (S / SD / H / R Class) for automated inspection. Datapixel offers advice, system configuration, software modules and integration to facilitate assembly cell inspection powerful fully integrated into the production line.

Robot Based Inspection: When high accuracy is not the main requirement, Datapixel sensors can be integrated into standard 6-axis robots, forming cells of high speed and flexible product verification inspection. Datapixel works with manufacturers most relevant robots, in order to provide the best solutions in the market.