OEM Tools and API software libraries for OEM partners

Software Tools and API libraries for OEM partners: improving innovation by 3D scanning your machine and software development.

The Datapixel scanning systems provide a number of tools and libraries API to integrate our sensors and analysis functions on your machine and products. Members can benefit from the tools developed by Datapixel, by providing the integration of sensor, analysis of the point cloud and virtual metrology tools.


  • Quick access to sensors and tools Optiscan
  • Total reduction of programming time applications based on scanning
  • High precision extraction of geometric features
  • Automatic alignment of parts
  • Portable solutions


OscApi: basic library API for Optiscan sensors.

Scanlink: interface protocol (Ethernet, TCP / IP, serial communication) for OptiScan controllers.

Scanlink/OSIS: based customer interface standards for OSIS OptiScan Scanlink controller.

Capture: is our powerful and easy to use software for the acquisition of point clouds, integrating the connection to the machine and calibration tools.

CloudAlign: library for the automatic alignment of point clouds.

GFX: a powerful API library for extraction of geometric features from point clouds.

QM. Qualification Manager: Qualification Manager: Software for automatic calibration of general portable sensors (CMM, robot, portable arm).