Programming the robot path

Improvement of the movement and scheduling systems for robots scan and / or tools.

The scanning systems Datapixel is dramatically reducing the time required for the definition of the complex path of automatic CNC and robot equipment. When scanning the piece, the total size of the piece can be easily defined in a virtual model. Points obtained digitally, could be easily exported to the robot or CNC controller, thus carrying out a complete robot program.


  • Total reduction in programming time and motion path of the robot
  • High precision in the definition of 3D points
  • Automatic alignment of the part
  • Portable solutions


MovilScan Portable Scanning: fully portable apparatus for rapid scanning 3D parts, and for defining the robot trajectory using the Schedule module Robot Path.

Robot/Tool alignment: CloudAlign Datapixel The module provides real-time to correct the positioning of robots and / or tools in welding, machining, hemming and other manufacturing operations. The workpiece positioning robot and is provided by scanning the Datapixel obtained using sensors.