Rapid product verification

Reduce the time and cost of launch and assembly manufacturing process.

Modern industry demand reduced cast time for new or modified products. Continuous process reconfigurations to adapt product demand are assuming a large number of problems for mechanical engineers.

Datapixel offers flexible solutions for rapid measurement of the product during these stages, controlling the settings during launch or assembly line production. Datapixel systems provide the necessary information so that it acquires engineer a quick understanding of the deviations and corrections to be performed in order to achieve the required level of quality of the product for mass production.


  1. Radical reduction of cast time and assembly
  2. Quick return on investment in the MFD
  3. Accuracy and speed
  4. High correlation with CMM
  5. Immediate comparison with the CAD model
  6. Immediate comparison with the “original piece”
  7. Virtual Metrology on 3D point clouds


Inspection Scanning Machines: Datapixel ISM technology uses contactless measurement OptiScan with high precision of Cartesian robotics. As a result the machines more flexible and accurate automated inspection market are obtained by providing the services necessary for rapid inspection of parts in the factory.

MovilScan Portable Scanning: fully portable apparatus for rapid scanning 3D parts. MovilScan provides the ability to inspect parts where a problem is detected.