Reverse Engineering

Help designers and engineers to reduce development time and improve a new product innovation cycles.

MQS-RE provides the necessary tool to transform a physical model to a fully digital model.
MQS-RE helps designers and engineers work together to develop innovative new products, reducing development time and increasing product quality.


  1. Reduced design time
  2. Increased quality of CAD Design
  3. Reduce time and costs of product design changes
  4. Comparison between CAD ​​and forms of real surfaces
  5. Compatible with CATIA, Unigraphics


OptiScan Scanning CMM: High precision scanning physical pieces for reverse engineering.

MovilScan Portable Scanning: fully portable apparatus for rapid scanning 3D parts.


Datapixel advanced services provided by OptiScan reverse engineering technology. These services are provided both at the customer premises, with MovilScan System and Datapixel facilities. All the technology is available Datapixel serving our customers for specific jobs but in need of high precision and quality.

Are reverse engineering services for companies in sectors as diverse as TROQUELERIAS, Molds, Automotive, Manufacturing Plastics or votes.

We provide our customers work in any of its phases, although the cloud of points, ie, the digitized as part or downstream meshing CAD file terminado.Usted or you can spend the virtual physical model without need for a complete installation.