CMM Scanning

Using sensors OptiScan Datapixel CMMs (Coordinate Measuring Machines) provides an integrated contactless high speed and accuracy using standard components from existing software and Renishaw metrology. Especially interesting is the kit retrofitted to your current CMM machine.

  • Benefits

    • The most cost effective and easy way to use the integration of technology in a non-contact scanning CMM.
    • Total compatibility with Renishaw Renishaw Autojoint and PH10M, MIH and Autochanger.
    • High productivity for quick verification of parts.
    • Fully integrated into Metrolg XG
    • OSIS
    • Medición geométrica integral 3D de superficies y puntos de arista
    • Quick comparison CAD
    • Standard Sensors (+ / – 0.010 mm accuracy) and high resolution (+ / – 0.006 mm accuracy)
    • Compatible with manual or CNC machines
    • Easy calibration with standard sphere
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