• Manufacturing companies and camshaft producers in particular, are increasingly using 3D optical methods in the dimensional quality controls of their products. These methods generate high fidelity virtual parts based on acquired cloud of points. Then, from these virtual parts and by using the proper software (M3 platform in this experiment), geometries and other dimensional features can be extracted and measured, applying what is called virtual metrology.
    The huge amount of information acquired demands the generation of new virtual metrology HPC based simulation services to process and analyse the data and visualize the results, providing valuable information and knowledge to the manufacturing companies. Therefore, companies will reduce costs of facilities maintenance and control time consumed at the same time increase the number of controls and the information acquired. Main high level VIC4CAM objectives are: (i) achieve 100 % dimensional quality control, (ii) use HPC resource to provide a new Virtual Metrology HPC simulation services for early defect and deviation detection, (iii) generate real information and knowledge for the optimization of camshaft manufacturing.
    In order to achieve and exploit all the benefits of this methodology, agile management and processing of the clouds of points and virtual parts and also the access to the data base are essential to fulfil the time and cost requirements of the manufacturing companies, mainly SMEs.

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    Code: FP7-FoF-ICT

    Start date: Octubre 2015
    End date: Marzo 2017